Swamp Optics features the world's most complete, accurate, and powerful line of pulse-measurement and pulse compression devices.


FROG is now the gold standard of pulse measurement, yielding far more information than autocorrelation. All Swamp Optics' pulse-measurement devices feature FROG technology and operate single-shot (or multi-shot, if you like).  The award-winning GRENOUILLE design vastly simplifies FROG, rendering pulse measurement almost trivial. GRENOUILLEs never need alignment and are very easy to place into your apparatus.  Both FROGs and GRENOUILLEs also measure the beam spatial profile and spatio-temporal distortions. GRENOUILLE works beautifully for pulses from about 20fs to 20ps long, and a FROG covers shorter pulse lengths. Finally, unlike most other pulse-measurement devices, FROG and GRENOUILLE measure the pulse, not the infamous coherent artifact!

BOATM Pulse Compressor


Once you know your pulse, you'll want to do something about its distortions. Usually, it's best to simply re-align your laser, based on the results that FROG or GRENOUILLE provides.  But much of the time, optics after your laser introduce linear chirp into your pulse.  So we've introduced an award-winning pulse compressor for this case.  Unlike other pulse-compressors, it will never introduce spatio-temporal distortions into your beam, which limit its ability to focus. Because most measurement techniques don't measure these distortions, you might not ever know that you had them, except that your application isn't working as well as you were hoping.  Swamp Optics' BOA Compressor is immune to them and never misaligns.

FROG Pulse-Retrieval Code


Just plug your GRENOUILLE into a nearby computer using the provided USB cable, and the Swamp Optics FROG pulse-retrieval code will retrieve your pulses' intensity and phase and all the other wonderful information FROG and GRENOUILLE measure in real time.  This user-friendly code, from the inventor of FROG and its code, provides everything you could possibly desire to know about your pulse in one elegant window.



We are constantly overwhelmed with requests for exotic pulse-measurement devices!  Alas, most have only a small market, so we can't make them into standard products.  In the past, we tried to provide custom devices when possible, but they were expensive and time-consuming to create. So we're now trying something else, and so far it's working very well. You let us know your measurement problem, and we can provide instructions as to how to solve it--essentially free consulting.

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