Prof. Trebino's group and Swamp Optics have solved most existing ultrashort-laser-pulse measurement problems, and they hold patents on a number of them.  But the markets for many such devices aren't large enough for Swamp Optics to carefully engineer and mass-produce them.  So Swamp Optics now offers to provide free advice as to how to build them. We supply the guidance and you buy the optics and mounts.  Either way, we'll supply elegant FROG code, too.  All such efforts will be carefully overseen by Swamp Optics' Prof. Rick Trebino, who will be available for assistance.

As a result, we don't list these devices as standard products.  But we will always try to find a way to make them happen.


We also have a team of experts, who have their own specialties, such as ultra-broadband pulse measurement, few-fs pulse measurement, and a variety of other unusual pulse-measurement problems, who can also help.  Swamp Optics charges no fee to connect you with one of them.

Schematic of the STRIPED FISH device for measuring the complete spatio-temporal intensity and phase of an arbitrary ultrashort laser pulse on a single shot--the only device ever even proposed to solve this problem.

Schematic of the SEA TADPOLE device for measuring shaped pulses and also the complete spatio-temporal intensity and phase of an arbitrary ultrashort laser pulse. It operates multi-shot, but has sub-wavelength spatial resolution.

Learn more about SEA TADPOLE.

Learn more about STRIPED FISH.

Learn more about the ps GRENOUILLE.

Schematic of the picosecond GRENOUILLE.  It uses a pentagonal-shaped second-harmonic-generation crystal and is the simplest device ever invented for measuring ultrashort laser pulses.  It can measure pulses from ~0.5ps to ~25ps in duration on a single shot.

Nanosecond FROG.  This device can measure pulses as long as several nanoseconds in duration on a single shot.  Other attempts to measure pulses from 10ps to 1ns long either include an ultra-expensive oscilloscope or must operate multi-shot using a very long and unwieldy delay line almost a meter long.

Learn more about the ns FROG.

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